Be You.

Be Free.

You Are Powerful. Period.


Be You.

Be Free.

You Are Powerful.

Strong Enough To Cry 

Discover The New Kind Of Warrior Within And Become Unstoppable

Ready to turn your mess into your masterpiece? #1 International best-selling author of I Am. Happy. Healthy. Free. shows you how.

In Strong Enough To Cry, Erica Ormsby lays out the essential methods for living a fearless and huge life- especially if you’ve been through hell.

This book is overflowing with hope that stems from the fundamental logic of just how resilient and powerful a human being really is. It serves as not only a reminder of what is possible for each of us but as a way forward to the best version of ourselves.

Strong Enough To Cry leaves no stone unturned and nothing left to fear inside of our human experience. Within its pages you will find:

  • Harness the hidden power of your emotions
  • Tap into your unlimited strength
  • Know that you belong with certainty
  • Turn your ideas into gold 


At her lowest point, she figured it out.

Erica Ormsby, renowned Knowledge Industry Strategist and Entrepreneur Catalyst Coach, helps entrepreneurs turn their message into a book, brand, or online course so they can thrive in the knowledge economy, a billion-dollar per day industry.

With $300 in the bank at four months pregnant, Erica almost lost everything. But in just 4 short years, and in the middle of the 2008 economic crisis to boot, she successfully built up a 7-figure business.

Now with over a decade of experience, she has created innovative strategies and services to help other people do the same. As the Founder and President of Erica Ormsby International, and Lighthouse Global Publishing & PR LLC, Erica dedicates her life to strategically inspiring and equipping entrepreneurs with the knowledge and digital assets necessary to build unshakable and scalable brands. 

Erica is the 2x International Best Selling Author of “Strong Enough To Cry” and “I Am Happy. Healthy. Free.” She is a TEDx speaker, has graced stages all over the world, and has given keynote speeches to audiences totaling 100,000+. For her expertise, Erica has been featured on CBS, Living Regret Free Podcast, and Liberate Yourself Podcast to name a few.

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