What is the Soaring Mastermind membership?

Simply put – Soaring Mastermind is a community of people committed to living their dreams…Period.

To close the gap between dreaming and doing in mind, body, and business. Getting crystal clear on “WHY” you want what you want. Gaining access to the tools, strategies, and people to show you “HOW” is worth its weight in gold and saves you time, money and frustration. I created Soaring Mastermind for those of us that refuse to give up on our dreams and are over feeling alone in the grind.

I spent most of my life feeling alone even in a sea of people and had a hard time letting anyone support me…especially in my business ventures. I understand first hand how vulnerable going after your dreams can feel. Surrounding ourselves with people that not only truly support us, but are living it and doing it very successfully can take your personal confidence and your every effort to a completely different level…

Soaring Mastermind is a catalyst community that will not only believe in you but share invaluable “HOW TO” resources to live your dreams in mind, body, and business. I decided to make this a free membership because I wanted anyone that wants to join our community to be able to. However, the community may not be a fit for everyone. This community is filled with extremely dynamic, abundance minded individuals that have made their own personal solid decision to make their dreams a reality and take 100% responsibility. This group is not for people that remain undecided.

Here is a little excerpt from my new book – I AM: Happy. Healthy. Free.

Soaring Success

Picture a bird soaring. Wings outstretched moving at incredible speeds and heights in a seemingly effortless fashion with a remarkable view. For a bird to soar, it uses its inherent ability to rise to great heights by working with the air. The air is in constant abundance and it is the bird’s job to understand how to navigate air temperatures and air speeds – to not just fly by flapping its wings but soar by positioning itself to move powerfully and gracefully with very little effort.

You will not see a soaring bird step on another bird to continue to gain altitude or momentum. Doing so would actually cause the soaring bird to slow down and lose momentum at best. Soaring takes acute self understanding, an awareness of the limitless resources in our midst, and does not harm yourself or others. Soaring is an act of conscious free will and decision making that comes from high level perception.

Lao Tzu wrote, “Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force”. We are hardwired for love, expansion, connection, expression, and creativity – it is our true nature.  Soaring success in life is marked by an open heart and mind, willingness to learn and grow for the greater good of yourself and others, radical self love and self acceptance, willingness to connect to something greater than yourself, and courageous knowing that there is room for everyone – including you.

Collaboration is experienced as the coming together of infinite positive creativity with real outcomes that are truly useful and loving. Diversity is embraced as a fundamental asset. Your desire to optimally align the best of you with ideas and organizations that create something better for people and the planet while generating profit creates Soaring Success. Soaring success happens when you understand your power.

Seeking Optimal Alignment Resulting In Never Giving-up

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