My Liv story,

Liv aligns with what I value most- creating the life we truly desire to experience.

I love what Liv stands for and the opportunity and community it creates for people all over the world to stop waiting and start Liv-ing.  Hello I did a Ted-talk on Following your dreams before Liv was a twinkle in my eye.

When Liv came into my life I could not have been more busy if I tried, I was selling one of my traditional businesses, preparing to launch my first book, getting my PhD, embarking on Erica Inspired, I’m a wife to my wonderful husband, a mom to my precious son, spending QT with my friends…busy lady.

But for the first time my “busy” was filled with the real me doing what I really wanted to be doing…so I wasn’t ugly busy. (aka doing a ton of stuff I didn’t want to be doing)

When a friend reached out and shared Liv with me I was NOT interested. I said no before I even knew what it was.

Fortunately I got the flu for two days. It was only fortunate because as I laid in bed unable to do anything I watched the material on Liv out of a mixture of boredom and curiosity.

I loved it. “Help people turn their bucket lists into Liv lists” and so much more. From a business perspective this organization was genius, with passionate, very experienced founders guaranteed to succeed…but the mission is what made me want to be apart of it the most.

Here’s the vulnerable truth:

I have always worked hard but I know what it’s like to build a seven figure brick and mortar company from scratch …and have hardly an ounce of fun. It makes me sad to even say it (and kind of embarrassed). It didn’t matter how much money I made I didn’t travel hardly anywhere. I would tell you “someday I will travel the world” but honestly deep down it felt really overwhelming.

My son is in 3rd grade and he just wrote on a large poster he made for a class assignment “My dream is to travel the world”. I had taken him a few places but nothing like what I had gotten to experience when I was younger before I got “busy”. Because of the big beautiful changes I have made in my life internally and externally (that followed a long brutal learning curve) both my husband and I had already made a stake-in-the-ground decision that we were going to travel and enjoy wonderful experiences with our family and friends… I just didn’t have all the details worked out.

Then Liv showed up like a beacon of light filled with fun, purpose, travel, community, and another way for me to help others love their life.

So yes Liv is a wonderful addition in my life and I’m so grateful. This has enriched my life that much more, provided an additional revenue stream, and frankly has been so fun and meaningful for me and many others.

I’m obviously very passionate about Liv:)

If you would like to learn more, become a customer or join my Team LivInspired  I would LOVE to connect with you.

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